The beginning

An 18 years old Tony Rus was working full time at a copying company, taking care of his siblings who stayed in Belgium while his parents returned to Spain. The idea came to him to put a foosball table in a café. He started with one table, then 2, then 10…. He worked day and night to make ends meet.

Café after Café, a young entrepreneur was making a place for itself in a competitive world. At the time there were no less than 21 operators in Limburg alone!

Courageous, Tony Rus already employed a few people when he decided quit at the copying company and devote himself entirely to his own business. His goal? Offer cafe owners everything they need to operate. He therefore began to offer a complete catalog of game machines, coffee machines, catering equipment, etc.

In 1999 the legislation around gambling is reinforced, all devices must be certified and checked by the Gaming Commission. By then, the Tony Rus Group is gaining an increasingly important place in the gaming industry, thanks to staying true to their core values, transparency and professionalism.  place in the gaming industry, thanks to a policy of transparency and professionalism.  

Over the years, Tony Rus got rid of the amusement games and focused exclusively on electronic games of chance, such as bingo and slot machines, but also virtual sports betting machines.

In 2021, the group enforced its vision with the takeover of SPLIN, to move up the supply chain and manufacture their own machines that are currently leading the market.


The Start

Creation of Rus Tony.


The 1st Acquisition

Rus Tony makes 5 takeover this year.


Construction of the HQ

Construction of the industrial building in Opglabbeek.


First entertainment center

Rus Tony launches his first entertainment center in Tournai.


Dutch acquisition

Takeover of Janssen-Hanraedts Automaten Belgie.


Branch and amusement center expansion

  • Opening branch in Antwerp
  • Opening branch in Liège
  • Tony Rus strikes deal to open his 22nd amusement center!


The growth continue

  • Opening branch in West Flanders, the third outside Limburg.
  • With the acquisition of Marchand Brothers in Zeebrugge, Tony Rus realizes its 15th acquisition.
  • Manufacture own poker device “RIVER POKER” for amusement centers.
  • Large expansion of 5000m2 of industrial buildings in Oudsbergen.


Opening of the fourth branch

  • Move branch Turnhout to new location Herentals.
  • Opening of new buildings in Wandre Liège for a branch in Liège.
  • Acquisition of CIRSA Belgium in Brussels.



Stereolux in Sint-Truiden became the 20th acquisition of the Rus Tony Group.


The Lobby

The Rus Tony Group plays a major role in the Lobby for the preservation of amusement centers and the technological development with the Gaming Commission.


Strategic reorientation

The company concludes a successful evolution from the entertainment industry to the gaming industry.


New business in Brussels

Rus Tony focuses on a new geography with their exploitation in Brussels.


New branch opening

Opening of a new branch in Hainaut (TOURNAI).


Officially represented throughout Belgium

Opening of a branch in Brussels with which the group is officially represented everywhere in Belgium.



Foundation of RUS TONY GROUP Nederland BV


Betting corporation

Start cooperation betting offices with Betcenter Tipico Efor Bets.


Special 25th acquisition

Wilcoast becomes the 25th takeover of Rus Tony Group.


Second Casino in Netherlands

After Casino Sluis, Rus Tony Nederland opens his 2nd Casino in the Netherlands.
Peppermill Casino in Heerlen is officially one of the largest arcades in the Netherlands.


Manufacturer acquisition

SPLIN, Belgium’s largest bingo manufacturer and also market leader in 3.3, is being acquired by the Rus Tony Group.


The most recent acquisition

The group acquires KCT and makes its 28th acquisition since its inception.

Rus Tony Group is also …

Although known as an operator of gaming cabinets, the Rus Tony Group has diversified over the years by opening amusement centers. Today they have 2 casinos in the Netherlands, Casino Sluis and Casino Peppermill which is in Heerlen. Both casinos are in pure “Las Vegas style”.

When entering the casino’s; You arrive in a world of glitter and glamour. The carefully designed setting immediately brings you instantly into the right mood. The sparkling Machines cause a dazzling sensation and create the tingling excitement and suspense of the game. While you can celebrate life, our hospitality staff remains always at your disposal.


Amusement and profitability are key in the gaming industry. At Rus Tony Group we use these concepts as our starting point to offer a double guarantee: top amusement and a good chance of winning for the player at one hand, and increased revenue for the establishment at the other. We constantly strive to create win-win partnerships.


We believe that we are on the face of the earth to provide top-tier amusement. We are building a place where people can play games of chance at anytime, anywhere.

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